Manager Product Development

Manager Product Development

Job Summary

Supervisor, Procurement-Production Material plans and implements procurement activities to ensure that production plans are well supported. He/she manages procurement tasks and supervises procurement team to ensure that goods and services are procured at competitive prices and quality and delivered at the right time.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Identify and source vendors, review alternative production materials, and coordinate with technical functions (eg. Quality
    Assurance, Production and Marketing) to validate the material acceptance criteria and develop material specifications.
  2. Collect detailed information about prices, quality and logistics to support vendor assessment.
  3. Support Manager, Procurement in price negotiation and contract arrangement with vendors.
  4. Plan logistics arrangement to ensure on time material delivery and optimize procurement cost.
  5. Coordinate with Planning and Analysis Function to implement effective Material Requirement Planning

Key Challenges

  1. Understanding of materials and thorough analysis of costs to effectively negotiate for optimal prices
  2. Coordinating with technical functions and vendors to improve material quality
  3. Sourcing of materials for new product development


  1. Education: Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Accounting, or Finance
  2. Experiences: 3 years of experience in procurement planning, preferably in food manufacturing industry
  3. 2 year of experience in leading a team Experience in procuring goods from overseas including import clearance
  4. Skills and knowledge:
  5. Management of team and reporting of work progress
  6. Effective communication and excellent negotiation skills
  7. Inventory management and planning
  8. Logistics planning and import clearance
  9. Knowledge of spreadsheet

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